Sunday, October 31

ghosts of halloween past

We have had about 10 trick-or-treaters tonight (yay!) and seeing them in their costumes made me remember all the costumes I had when I was little. Luckily my dad put together an album for me with all of my school, birthday, sports, and other pictures.

Enjoy this blast from the past:

1987- Me as a ballerina, Laura as a clown, Bobby as a Chicago Bear

1988- My cousin Katie as a clown, Me as a birthday present, Bobby as a scarecrow, Laura as a clown (again)

1989- Bobby as a magician, Me as a clown (passed down from Laura), Laura as a witch
And yes, that jack-o-lantern WAS from my Happy Meal

1990- Me as a Bride

1991- Laura as Cleopatra, Me as a princess

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