Friday, October 29

unscheduled weigh-in

I don't know if it's the On The Move program that's making me more conscious of my activity level, or the trainer that we have coming every Thursday afternoon, or if I am just eating better, but I am down another pound.
This morning I just thought 'why don't I check today' and got out the scale. I normally only weigh myself on Mondays but last week I was up 1 lb, and this week I lost it and was the exact same weight (to the tenth of a lb) as two weeks before. But three people asked me yesterday if I was losing weight. So I just thought that I would see if anything was different.
I was so excited to see that it was! I'm down 8 lbs overall, and am the lightest I have been since gaining the freshman 25..
I just have to keep it up- whatever it is I am doing..

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