Wednesday, November 3

Another Day

I had a 4 day weekend. Monday was a professional day, and with our new contract we are able to work from home. Tuesday was Election day and schools are closed. It was great- I was well rested, got things accomplished around the house, and even prepped dinner for tonight. I didn't want to go back to work yet, it was just too nice being at home.

Well I unexpectedly got another day off.

This morning I go to work, get things ready for the day and for the meeting in the afternoon. At 8:30 I hear my phone (which is almost always on silent) and see Adam calling (who never calls me at work). I knew it was something important but didn't expect him to tell me that his grandma had passed.

Long story short, she was battling cancer again and had been in hospice care for a couple months. My principal let me get a sub for the day so I could come home and be with Adam. No funeral arrangements are set yet, but it looks like it will be at least a week.

Jo Ann was very sweet and kind hearted and she will truly be missed. I'll think of her every time i wrap up in the hand knitted blanket she made for us for our wedding.

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