Sunday, November 14

Car Troubles

Thursday morning: my car won't start. I call a coworker to give me a ride to school, call Adam to tell him what is going on, call my dad to see if he has any ideas. When I get home, my car is gone, but Adam's is there. After an hour or so I finally get a hold of him. It was my battery (as my dad and Adam's coworker thought). He jumped it himself, took it to Auto Zone, got a new battery, and -wait for it- put it in backwards, blowing the main fuse of my car. I pick him up, and we drive out to the only Honda dealer that has the fuse and back. It took some time but at least my car is working.

Friday afternoon: we are driving to Erie, PA for Adam's grandmother's memorial. We are making great time. We stop at Sheetz to gas up, grab food and drinks, then head to the PA Turnpike. Maybe 5 minutes later we hear a high pitched noise, the car behind us if flashing its lights, and we see smoke. We pull over onto the tiny shoulder of the turnpike and see a completely blown out tire. Luckily Adam changed the tire, but it was on the driver's side, on a small shoulder, on a busy road, with a lot of trucks passing by. I was praying that he didn't get hit, that a police officer would stop behind us to help, anything that would keep us safe on the road.
When Adam gets the spare on, the turnpike safety vehicle finally shows up and takes us to an auto shop right off the highway. We spend a couple hours and a few hundred dollars to get 2 new tires on the Subaru.

On another note, The memorial service was very nice. I got to see some of Adam's family members who couldn't make it to the wedding. After the service we went to Lake Erie to spread the ashes. It was a beautiful day with a gorgeous sunset.

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