Friday, November 26

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Thanksgiving was so nice. I loved seeing Kaelyn and Madison playing with each other- well Kaelyn trying to play with Maddy who just sat there with a confused look on her face, probably thinking 'who are these crazy people?'

 The pies actually turned out well. The pumpkin was delicious, I mean how can you go wrong with the Libby recipe? The Apple was very good too, just a little soupy- it didn't set like it should have, but it still tasted great.

I woke up today knowing I would be cleaning the kitchen after all that baking from yesterday. While I was at it I got it into my head to clean the whole house. I spent an hour (the whole length of Live with Regis & Kelly) cleaning the downstairs, mostly scrubbing the bathroom shower with a Magic Eraser. I then made my way through my office, bedroom, kitchen, upstairs bathroom, and living room. It was worth it because I wouldn't allow myself to set up the Christmas tree until I was finished cleaning.

Now that Thanksgiving is over I am ready for the new Holiday. The tree is finally up, as are the stockings.
 I want a real tree, but this little table topper was a good purchase last year, it doesn't scream 'fake' and held up pretty well in the closet all year.

 Our 'New Home' ornament my mom got us when we moved
Grover's ornament I got at Target after Christmas clearance last year

yes that is Grover's stocking in the middle :)

Now to do some shopping. I did a little Black Friday Online ordering for my trip to Pittsburgh for the Winter Classic, but I need to start thinking about everyone else... hmm, what to buy, what to buy...

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