Sunday, December 5

Merry Christmas, Grover!

I was out shopping and happened to go into petsmart, hoping to find a little stocking stuffer for Grover. After being wooed by Lola, a grey kitten waiting to be adopted, I went to the cat towers. Adam and I had been talking about getting one for him to curb the scratching on our couches. We hadn't bought one yet because they can be so expensive. So when I saw the big one on sale for $30 off, I called Adam. The sale ended today, so we agreed to buy it. I am so glad Adam had taken my car down to Richmond this weekend, because there is no way this tower would fit in my car.

 He was very curious and began sniffing as soon as it came in the house.

Within 10 minutes he had killed the feather toy.

I guess he likes it!

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