Monday, February 14


Valentine's Day celebrations started Friday with dinner out for my brother's birthday. I am unfortunately a horrible sister and did not get any pictures of him, or the cake, or the family (other than Kaelyn and JJ before dinner). But I did get Kaelyn and Madison on video talking to each other. [It won't load here.. boo..]

Saturday Adam and I went for pho, and then I stopped by the liquor store for some pink champagne.
There are two glasses filled, but I ended up drinking most of the bottle myself while Adam had his Whiskey Sours.

Yesterday I made cupcakes for my class party today. Just plain old Funfetti cupcakes but I added the festive heart on top.

Today Adam surprised me with roses he sent to my school. The sneaky Valentine's hater asked for my address weeks ago saying he needed it for some benefit thing. I totally bought it! I knew he was cooking Tandoori Chicken for dinner tonight, but I was surprised when I walked in and saw more presents on the table.

Then I was treated to a delicious Indian dinner, with traditional Indian music playing in the background.

This was by far the best Valentine's day ever.

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