Monday, April 25

Easter Noms

Adam's parents came down on Saturday to help with some things at the house, and I decided to make them an Easter lunch. I tried something I had never made before: lamb chops.
I followed Claire's recipe for lamb with pineapple mint sauce. I couldn't find rack of lamb, but did pick up some nice cut and cleaned chops at Giant. So instead of roasting the rack, I pan seared the chops in a little vegetable oil for about 3 minutes a side on medium high heat. It was so easy, and they turned out perfect. The pineapple mint sauce was also super easy- chop up pineapple, cook down with garlic and mint for 45 minutes, and that's basically it.

(I forgot to take a picture right when the food was ready, so I only have a pic of the lonely leftovers)
What did you do for Easter?

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