Saturday, November 26

If You're Going to San Francisco..

You don't need a flower in your hair, but apparently you need skinny jeans and knee high boots. I didn't get the memo.


We made it back! And after a day and 1/2 of work, Thanksgiving, and a little Black Friday shopping I'm finally getting around to loading my pictures from our trip. I don't think it's appropriate to load all 200+ pics here, so here are the highlights:

SanFran at 6am

The Cannery/ courtyard next to our hotel

view of the golden gate bridge

Ghiradelli Square at night

Ace Wasabi Rock-n-Roll Sushi

Boudin Sourdough bakery


Sea Lions

Electric bus system
Fisherman's wharf
My only regret is not taking a ride on a trolly car. On the only day Adam had set aside for sight seeing with me we went downtown to the MoMA, Cartoon Museum, and Ghiradelli Square. Then it started to rain. And there was a really long line for the trolly. So we skipped it. Maybe one day we'll go back, and then  I'll make sure we do that.

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