Thursday, November 10

Some May Call It Nesting

But I call it: "I'm bored and want to organize"

What was I organizing?Well I was actually re-arranging furniture. The current guest room is going to become the nursery. So the bed needed to be removed. My office is going to become the guestroom/ my office. My office is small (with 2 entry doors, a closet, and a large window limiting the arrangement of furniture) but I knew it would be enough room for a twin bed and a tiny desk.
Guest room pre-baby

Office desk area

So I started stripping the bed and then slid the furniture from one room to the other. After a while I got the bed and the (new and smaller) desk into place.
 The bed is where the desk used to be. I think I'll keep the gallery wall. It still works, I think. And Adam thinks the bed looks like a day bed (which is what I was going for) so I'll probably just throw a body pillow on there across the back.

Where the small couch was is now the desk. I got an extremely cheap desk from Ikea ($20) and moved it over to its new spot.
pardon the mess
 With the bed out of the soon-to-be nursery we finally have room for some of the baby furniture (glider/crib) we will be getting. The glider will go in the corner where the bed used to be.
And the crib will go where the big dresser is. We will be getting rid of  (donating or trashing) the big dresser since it is old, bulky, and we don't need it. We will be keeping the tall narrow dresser for now, so there will be plenty of storage for baby Stybs.

Of course, since we don't have the baby furniture now, the nursery is kind of a dumping ground. The poor little couch from my office is awaiting its new home (hopefully in my sister's playroom).
I can't wait to have the nursery complete, and am glad that we still have the option of a guestroom on the main floor, but it feels like it is taking forever. But in the same thought I can't believe I'll be half way baked in a few days! only 20 more weeks to go until we bring home baby Stybs. Hopefully to a finished nursery :)

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