Tuesday, December 20

Christmastime is Near

As I prepare for our winter rotation tomorrow (where I get to teach about where chocolate comes from, and the kids get to enjoy hot chocolate) and count down to 3pm on Friday I am still don't believe Christmas is this weekend. All the shopping and wrapping is done, but I have yet to make any cookies. :( I am looking at all the Christmas cards coming in, but we didn't send any out (again!). Sorry. But at least it will be a nice break and I can spend some (more) time preparing for baby.

While we can't celebrate in school, almost all of my students are telling me that Christmas is Sunday, and talking about Santa and what presents they are getting.

On Friday I will finally be spilling the beans about my little bean. This week I finally got some of the girls saying "you look like you have baby" but I've just brushed them off. I wanted to read "Our Teacher' Having a Baby" by Eve Bunting, but it is out of print. My school library does not have it, and the public libraries don't have it either. To order it at Barnes and Nobel would cost me $40, and on Amazon it costs upwards of $90! So while it was the perfect story (I mean, the students are in First grade! That's not a coincidence!) it was just not in the cards for me to use it. Instead, I'm making my own book. I still need to put it all together, and print it out, but here's what it will say:

Mrs. S---'s Surprise

My name is Mrs. S---. 
And this is Mr. S---.
We met in College and even graduated together!
We got married in 2009.
This is our cat Grover (he thinks he is a dog!).
There are just 2 people in our family… but I have a surprise!

I am going to have a baby!

This is a picture of my baby. We do not know if it will be a boy or a girl. We will find out when the baby is born in April.

I'm going to include pictures of Grover, Adam, and the baby bump. I wonder how many of my students will say "I knew that" when I read this book. I also wonder how oblivious they are to my big ol' belly....

I mean- REALLY?!- You don't notice how big it is? Or you just think I'm fat.. which I totally get.. but come on- that's a baby!


  1. What a cute idea for telling your students, that will be such a fun memory! Congrats on your little one - so exciting and you look so cute!

  2. HAHA! I love your book idea!!! I read my class Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes and immediately one of my students shouted out, "YOU'RE HAVING A BABY???" It was great! We then started measuring my belly each week and hanging the yarn down the side of the cabinet to see how much I grew in the nine months. I totally think you look preggo and not fat. Your babies are going to be SO excited to know you're having a real live baby!! Can't wait to hear how it goes!


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