Wednesday, January 4

Well Hello, 2012

So my winter break was last week, and I really could have used that time off to update here a little more, but it flew by. So here I am with my 'resolutions' for 2012.

First and foremost I hope 2012 brings the birth of a healthy, happy baby. Everything else takes a backseat to this. I have seen too many struggles with pregnancy/ birth complications and sickness to not be worried about my own little one.

I also want to get back into attending church regularly. We have a great church community, and I want our child to grow up with a strong faith. Unfortunately the location is not entirely convenient and Adam's side work keeps him pretty busy. I volunteered in the children's ministry last year but with starting a new grade level/learning a new curriculum, and becoming pregnant I didn't feel the same level of commitment. I'm really hoping to renew my own faith and (at least) listen to the sermons online weekly.

Being pregnant has made me lazy tired. It has been way too easy to go out and pick up dinner or order food in. I plan to cook at home at least 4 nights a week (We go for dinner with my parents every Monday, weekends, when Adam is busy or away, can be used for left overs or a special/cheap dinner). We used to meal plan, but then we wouldn't follow the plan. So instead I went through a few cookbooks and just pulled out some recipes that sounded good. I chose three for this week and can be flexible with the day I cook them. It seems to be a much better solution for us.

Along with the other baby resolutions, I really want to control my spending. Adam and I have been tracking our expenses in a google docs spreadsheet since November and I can clearly see where I am spending my money (aka swiping my credit card). Not good. We need to save money for babyStybs and Target appears way too many times on the sheet. We have talked about only using cash for our spending, but we haven't tried that yet.

And finally, I plan to keep the house (mostly) cleaned. I know once the baby comes this resolution may be over and done with pretty quickly, but for the next three months at least I can keep my school stuff/mail/ dishes/ clothes picked up and organized. This one is going to be hard, it's just so easy to ignore all the stuff around here, but I did successfully organize the coat closet.

I hope your New Year has started off on the right foot.

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