Thursday, May 24

Snugli Kate

Sometimes I just want to be able to clean the kitchen or swiffer the floor but Kate doesn't want to be put down. This is where baby wearing comes in. I got the Moby wrap after it was recommended by almost everyone. The problem, though, is that Kate doesn't really like it. When She's awake she wants to look around. That means she moves her head from the 'correct' spot and puts it right in the center of my chest.

Because the Moby is made of a stretchy jersey type fabric I didn't feel safe wearing her that way. And when I tried another position Kate stretched her legs out, not staying in the fetal position, making carrying her that way even worse.

Then I remembered my sister gave me her Snugli carrier. A little harder to get Kate in and out of, but she was able to look around and I didn't feel like she was going to fall out. I even was able to carry her grocery shopping (a quick 15 minute trip in Trader Joe's) and she did so well.
I know there's been some controversy over this type of carrier (like the Baby Bjorn) for causing hip problems. I've looked into it and have found conflicting information. Some sources say the carries will cause hip dysplasia, others say it's perfectly fine and won't harm baby's hips, and still more say wearing it for short periods of time are fine, but longer than 20 minutes can harm baby. So I will just stick to wearing her this way around the house or for quick errands by myself (If I'm with someone else I keep her in the stroller).

I guess I could opt to buy a 'better' carrier (like the Ergo) that hold the baby in a sitting position, but at over $100 I'm not so sure. Who knows, maybe Kate will like the Moby when she's a little bigger?


  1. Aww, so cute!! Wearing little ones makes life so easy, doesn't it?!

    You mentioned looking at other carriers for when she's bigger. I have a Beco carrier (one for bigger babies and toddlers). Let me know if you want to check it out - I can bring it to crabfest. :) Charlie still fits in it to this day! lol


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