Sunday, October 21

Shopping Around

I moved Kate into her convertible car seat this weekend. She still had a few inches and pounds to gain before outgrowing her infant carrier, but it was getting too heavy to actually carry Kate in it and I didn't want to have to rush to try and get the new seat installed. I'd rather be prepared.

I was planning on just leaving the infant seat in my mom's car for now, knowing I would probably have to buy her a convertible seat too. But on Saturday my dad and I went to a tot sale at his church and found a Britax Advocate CS for only $20! Still in great condition, and it retails for around $300. We couldn't pass up that deal. I know 'You're not supposed to buy used car seats' because 'you don't know if they have been in an accident before' but my mom only drives Kate around if she is going 5 minutes to the grocery store.

So with the car seat situation fixed for mom, I installed the Graco seat I got at my baby shower into the Subaru. With the help of some rolled towels I got the seat installed and level. But this seat is significantly larger than the infant carrier, so the front passenger seat had to move up.

I don;t know if you can tell, but the seat is up so far that when I sit down my knees touch the glove box. Not comfortable, and I don't think being that close to the air bag is very safe. For every day use, it won't be a problem. But when Adam and I need to go somewhere (or when any friends ride with me) I will be in the squished seat. I told Adam (he's working in Seattle this weekend) and he was sad. We got the Subaru because it would be the family car, and now there's no room (especially if we ever have baby #2).

So that brings me to the internet- shopping around for a pre-owned mid sized SUV with low mileage, for a good price, and quality that will last. But most importantly it must fit the car seat and a passenger comfortably.

Does anyone have any tips for car hunting?


  1. It sucks to be squished, but its safer to keep that little sweet pea rear facing for a while! I love the Graco 65 - its so comfy looking, but DAMN that is an amazing deal on the Britax! I wouldn't have passed that up and I already have two convertibles. lol

    When we started car shopping, I actually filled out a survey on with what I was looking for and salesmen started calling ME to tell me about cars they had that fit my criteria. It was how we found our van and the other cars we checked out. Good luck! :)

    1. I've been searching and what's funny is that the best deals seem to be for minivans. I may be driving a mom-mobile with you. I'll have to look not too.

    2. Dude, I am in love with my mini van. I don't care what the haters say. I have room for EVERYTHING and more! lol

  2. You could just get a different car seat.


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