Monday, June 21

Let's get physical, physical...

I love Wii Fit, the problem is that I haven't used it in what seems like forever. I was so excited when Wii Fit Plus came out I bought it that week. I used it once. I don't know why I can't get into a workout habit. I should mention that Adam and I have gym memberships and we haven't been going for maybe a year. We are still paying monthly for that.
So what should I do? I'm hoping that since I am home for the summer, and only have a week long commitment to babysit my niece, I can start up some wort of routine. This past Friday I went for a walk, something I really enjoy doing but prefer to do with someone else. I think I don't like working out alone, or maybe it's the idea of having to prove something to someone else who is with me that will push me along. But I don't want to have to rely on someone else to get a workout in.
So what did I do this morning? I got out the trusty Wii Fit...
I was greeted by the little balance board icon informing me of my last work out- 245 days ago!

So when asked if I was ready to give it my all I quickly hit 'A'. Then what happens? The balance board won't turn on. Dead batteries. No worries, I thought, I have the charger pack that I can plug into the board and charge while I play. Nope. I think the charger needed to charge a little before I could use it. So What did I do while I was waiting for it to charge? I went shopping. It is my friend Liz's birthday today and I need to get her something.

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