Monday, June 21

Wii Fit... take 2

OK, so let's try this again. I got back from the store (BTW, Liz's birthday is tomorrow, not today) and went to see if my Wii Fit would work. Well, I don't know if the charger is working and actually charging the battery pack because it still wouldn't turn on. So I got out the rechargeable batteries (that I thankfully plugged in before I went to the store) and started up.
As it turns out, I am NOT at my highest weight, and I haven't changed that much in the past 245 days, but I am still overweight, and higher than I would like to be.

So I set my goal, of 2 lbs in 2 weeks. Attainable, as long as I actually keep doing these exercises and walking more. Oh yeah, and eating healthier too.

I think to help me reach the goals each week (I have decided Monday will be my weigh-in day) is to work out for 30mins each day. I am going to try for 30 mins on the Wii Fit each morning, but I know it might not happen each day so I will try to get some walking in during the week too.
I did make 31 minutes today though, and I sweated so I will definitely need to shower soon.

One of the things I like about Wii Fit Plus is that it lets you set up a profile for your pet. Grover has his own little kitty profile, and he was last weighed when I was last on (Did I mention that it was 254 days ago? ). He was weighed when he had a tape worm this winter. Keep in mind he is only 1 year old, as of late May. We aren't sure of his birthday, since they only said he was 3 months when we adopted him, not giving us a date. Well, I guess that tape worm was keeping him down- he gained almost 6 lbs! We have a big kitty here. Approaching 15 lbs at 1 year old...

So I will keep goals updated on Mondays. I'll keep weighing Grover, too.

Now- time to shower so I can walk Liz's present to her house.

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