Wednesday, June 23


Early this morning (6:15, the only reason I was up this early in the summer was to take Adam's car to get the emissions checked and then make a Sam's Club run) Adam came upstairs from the bathroom.

A: I don't know why, but this is the third morning where I've felt like throwing up.
Me: Are you pregnant?
A: I think so...
Me: That's not fair! I'm supposed to be the one who has the baby.

I should mention that we are not trying to get pregnant, that's not even in the plans for a couple more years. I have a year of grad school left, then we want to plan a nice vacation.

So, no babies for us (well, me anyway. Adam is still getting over his frequent morning sickness) but I do have two adorable nieces.

Kaelyn is 1 and a half.

Madison is 3 months.

I love spending time with them, they are so adorable and funny.

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