Thursday, June 24

A Little Paint Progress

I have a list of things I want to do to update the house. I know not all of the things on this list can happen this summer, not that I have enough money to accomplish them all either. In addition to the cedar and holly removal in the front yard, I have painted my craft room/ office, and we (I mean Adam and our family and friends) are in the process of removing the chain link fence in the back yard.

Here is my office before I painted. It was the same color as the rest of the house when we moved in. It also housed our old dining table as my desk and two extra chairs from our new (old) dining set.

I debated on the paint color, because I wanted a blue office, but I thought that because the bathroom was already blue, I couldn't do it. Well I sucked it up and said 'who cares?' and took every blue Behr paint sample from Home Depot and stuck it to the wall. After eliminating those that were too green or too grey, I was still left with a few choices.

I ended up choosing the color in the middle, Niagara Falls, or Niagara Mist or something. I can't remember right now. It was actually a toss up between that and another color, Sapphire Berry (don't ask me why I remember that name). I bought two paint samples and slapped them up in about 4 different spots in the room. Sapphire Berry ended up being too dirty looking. Here is the room with a fresh coat of paint.

I am proud to say I painted the room myself. When we moved in, Adam's parents painted the bathroom, kitchen, and our bedroom. They are professionals. Adam was worried my office wouldn't look as nice, but I think I did a great job. Next, I want to paint the trim, doors, and ceiling white- to give it a crisp look.
I am also thinking about painting the table white, but then I would have to paint the chairs and basically everything else white too, right? Adam thinks I should go with a black and white accessories theme, but then do I still have to paint the chairs?
So that is just a little update on progress in my room, I really need to accessorize and get some art work up on the wall.. I sense a mood board in the near future...

As for the fence removal, I'll update on Friday when the last piece is rolled up and removed.

UPDATE: The last part of the fence was not removed. We (again 'we' means Adam) spent a good chunk of the day cutting down everything that is growing between our chain link fence and the neighbor's picket. We (I'm including myself this time) bagged up everything and will have to tackle the fence another day.

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