Tuesday, June 29

Mmm... Crabs...

Every year, my husband throws a 'Crabfest' around his birthday, generally the last weekend in June. It is a time to hang out with friends and family, enjoy good food and drinks, and celebrate Summer. We bought a large canopy, borrowed my dad's small pop-up canopy, and utilized a donated picnic table and umbrella. each area was full of people, along with those hanging out inside with the babies and the cat in the air-conditioning.

While waiting for the crabs to arrive (we went through 2 bushels, by the way) I broke out my trusty Sharpies and the guests got to work:

Our friend Jeff (that's him up there in the black shirt) left instructions for Crabfest:

Steps for Crabfest: 1. Insert crab 2. Drink beer 3. Smash crab 4. Drink beer 5. Pick meat out of crab 6. Get bored, eat dip 7. Drink beer 8. Empty internal beer receptacle 9. Get new beer 10. Remember crab meat 11. Repeat

Those staying inside played with Grover so much, he basically passed out on the couch:

He was pretty much a zombie for the next two days.

This year's Crabfest was great, and I am looking forward to next year!

P.S. I'm sad that I don't many pictures. But when you're hands are covered in Old Bay, you can't really reach into the pockets of your white shorts to get your camera. Check out a couple more on my friend Lisa's blog.

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  1. Thanks for inviting us. We had a great time. I am excited about your new blog! I will add you to my list!


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