Sunday, July 25

Ocean City, MD

I love the fact that my parents have a condo at the beach. It is bayside, which means walking across the highway to the beach, but it also means the most beautiful sunsets imaginable. You can also see so much wildlife from their balconies (geese, ducks, white and blue heron, and we have even seen a family of fox- yes fox, at the beach, walking around by the bay- but we haven't seen them in a while). One thing I have never see there, though, was this great big butterfly/moth thing. See its wings?

It was on the outside of the railing, and I tried to get a good picture of it

Here is the shot I like the best, the antenna are yellow feather looking things, and its body was big, white, and looked furry. It was really weird.

Adam (who didn't come to the beach with us because he was sick) thinks it is a lunar moth. He used to see those when he was working concrete.
Here is the google image for a lunar moth (I think he's right)

Have you ever seen one? What's the weirdest thing you have seen at the beach?

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