Monday, July 26

Summer Storm

We have been having extremely hot weather for the past month or so. Well with a cold front coming in, there was bound to be a big storm. I guess I didn't think about HOW big of a storm it would be. We were on our way home from the beach, Adam called and said there was a massive thunderstorm with a lot of wind. We knew we would have to drive through it eventually. Luckily we were over the bay bridge before we hit any bad weather. I think we had just driven past Annapolis when I saw the swirling wind. The temperature was 101, and after 15 minutes of driving in rain where we couldn't see 20 feet in front of us, the temp dropped to 75. Luckily we made it home (the beltway was blocked at Connecticut ave because of fallen trees so we bailed on New Hampshire and fought our way through intersections without stoplights) and My parents' house was ok. They still had power, we did not. Adam came over and we spent the night here.
Here are some photos of the neighbors, where their trees fell:

neighbor's tree in backyard crushed other neighbor's garage

front of garage

downed power lines

tree my dad was worried about for 20 years finally fell

into the power lines and onto the car next door

helicopter over the house, presumably the news

Thankfully we are all ok, our houses are fine, I just wish my house had power...

Anyone else drive through/ experience this storm?

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