Thursday, July 22

Pillow Talk

Now that the couches are slipcovered, it's time to re-think the bright red pillows. We got them super cheap ($10 for a pack of 2) at Target, and they went with the old red-blue-green-gold plaid couches. But now that the couches are more olive green, the red just doesn't go. So what color to choose?

I could go with dark brown, keep with the earth tones going on in the room with the art we have:

Or I could go with blue. Blue and green go very well together. Maybe not navy blue but something in the color family.

Of course, since red and green ARE complementary colors, I could go with a brick red or something less crayon colored.

And there's always yellow, which also goes well with green. I'm not a big fan of yellow, but maybe adding a golden color will brighten up the room.

I'm stumped. I guess I just have to go look for pillows (or fabric to recover the existing red ones) and see what's out there. Are there any other color options I missed? Maybe white, or even purple?


  1. Maybe you should think more about a pattern that would work than a color?

  2. I was thinking of pattern too, just wanted to get an idea for overall color. I've been looking online at Target, and most of what I like is pale blue (which might not work) and combos of brown and green.


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