Friday, August 20


I was so excited to have lost some weight. I wanted Adam to start weighing in and tracking food too, so I bought a scale since he doesn't use the WiiFit. I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and got the Biggest Loser scale.
It looked nice, higher quality than some, and it was only $40 ($32 with the coupon). I set it up this morning to find that it reads 3 lbs higher than the WiiFit! WTF! I tried moving it to a different spot (thinking maybe the floor wasn't level or something) but it was only .2lbs different. So one of them is wrong and unfortunately I think the Wii is wrong. I think the scale is probably more accurate and that makes me sad. So while I may have lost that 1.8lbs, I'm still higher than I thought I was in the beginning. So now I guess I need to go into MFP and change the weight... sad... I guess that just means more motivation to lose the weight!

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