Tuesday, August 17

Pillow Fight!

I mentioned that Adam and I picked up some pillows this weekend. I wasn't sure about the blue ones since the color mock-up wasn't my favorite choice.

But there really weren't too many options. Yellow was by far the best coordinating color choice- but I don't like yellow. And there really aren't any yellow pillows (unless they are yellow and grey patterned, and Adam didn't think the grey would work).

First, we picked up two of these gold-ish pillows with brown embroidery for $9.99 each:

Next, we went to Target. We were not specifically looking for blue, but Adam picked it up, compared it to the slipcover, and seemed to like it. It's his room too, so he should have a say.
We picked up this one for $19.99:

(I loved this one, it was on my mood board from the beginning, but I was hesitant of the blue)

And a pack of 2 of these for $14.99:

So I tried them on the couches, but I still wasn't sure. Plus we don't have a slip cover for the chair (the brand we bought doesn't have the same style in the chair size) so that would need to be addressed somehow. Anyway- khaki/sage green couches with gold and blue pillows. Hmm, it was OK...
Then I went to Kohl's today (I had $10 Kohl's cash that expires tomorrow so I needed to use it) and found this little guy that tied all the colors together (on sale for $14.99 - $10 Kohl's cash= $4.99!)

Brown, blue, and green all in one pillow. it really did make a difference in bringing everything together. I'm still playing around with the arrangement of the pillows, but here it is so far:

(BTW, the tags are all still on the pillows, just in case I changed my mind, so they can be returned)

Ta-Da! Our living room is basically done!

What do you think? Like the blue? Any suggestions for pillow arrangement?

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