Sunday, August 15

The end of summer...

I'm going into my classroom tomorrow to start setting it up. I don't technically have to start reporting to work for another week, but I wanted to get a jump start on setting up so I am not swamped when I am trying to arrange the classroom, plan with my team, get to know my student teacher, and attend a bunch of meetings.

Our school system website now puts class lists online. While everyone else was able to see their class lists about 2 weeks ago, I had to wait for Head Start to send in the list to the school and then the attendance secretary input it into the computer. I checked and it was posted today, which is great. I only have 19 of the 20 I should have but the Head Start classes change a lot in the beginning of the year so I'm sure I will have my 20 by the time school starts. So far I have the younger sibling of a girl I had last year, and 3 others from the 3 year old class. This helps a lot since I know them and they have already had the school experience.

I'm excited to get started, but nervous at the same time.

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