Wednesday, August 11

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I got my hair cut. It was almost at donation length, and part of me wanted to wait to cut it until I could donate it, but I just needed to get rid of it. This is the first different hair change since sophomore year in college, about 5 years ago ( I can only reference this because I was still living in the dorms, and my hair was short for my brother's wedding). I knew I didn't want to go that short again, but couldn't keep the long hair anymore.
So anyway... here are the pics:



So that was about 6" or so... Definitely a change, and Adam (who didn't want me to get my hair cut anyway) has called it a "mom haircut" but has since said he actually does like it.

Now to see how it handles being in a ponytail at the gym... should be interesting...

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