Monday, August 9

New plan???

Got on the Wii board this morning to find I had gone down .4 lbs, not a significant change. And I'm sure the snacking I did yesterday at like 8pm didn't help the cause. But I really thought I had stepped up my exercise last week, going by myself, using the elliptical for 20-30 minutes. Well after seeing the (lack of) change in weight this morning I decided I needed to push myself harder. I used the elliptical for 3o min (plus 5 min cool down) on level 5 (usually I stick to level 3). Funny thing while listening to my gym mix on my iPod , which is full of different genres of music, I found some great work out songs.
  • Stop by the Spice Girls (yes I am still a fan, have been since 8th grade thankyouverymuch) has a really good consistent beat that is great for keeping pace.
  • Blitzkrieg Bop by the Ramones kicked my butt and that tired me out.
I also walked for 15 minutes. I could have walked longer, I don't know why I set the timer for 15 mins...

So anyway I know that working out alone is not enough, and I really do need to focus on what I am eating. I was thinking of joining Weight Watchers, or just signing up for it online. But on the Today Show just now there was a woman who lost 145 lbs in a year, and used to help her. This site is free and maybe is a good starting point to try out a weight loss program. It also has an iPhone app, like WW, even though I don't have an iPhone yet...

Any recommendations? Have you tried any weight loss group, program, or plan?

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