Sunday, August 8

It's been over a year since...

It seems like it has been more than a year since I have done a lot of things. First it was going to the gym, Tuesday it will be getting a haircut, today it was going to church. When Adam first moved down here from PA I wanted to find a church we could both attend, with the hope that we would find a place to go regularly as well as find someone to marry us. The first church we tried, Cedar Ridge, felt right. It is a multi-denominational church that accepts everyone no matter what situation you are in or what religious background you come from. We really like the experience and began attending regularly and joining a discipleship group. We also love the senior pastor, Matthew, who ended up officiating our wedding ceremony. For some reason or another, Adam and I took a break from the discipleship group (everyone in the group went on to join new groups) and then we were so busy almost every weekend that we just stopped going...

For a while now something felt like it was missing and I have really had a desire to go back to CRCC. It was a bunch of mixed emotions, though, as I didn't know how it would be going back after over a year. Would there still be the same people greeting and sitting in the same area? Would we see people from our old discipleship group?

So we went today, not at 9 like before but instead at the 11am service. Those we saw who we remembered did recognize us and seemed genuinely happy that we are back. It was a good feeling. On top of that the service today was very meaningful too. It came from Ephesians and was about living in the light or the way of God. Matthew broke it down into basically a list of things to 'watch out for' and think about, and ways to live for God. It just seemed to fit that this message was given on the day we decide to return and I looking forward to feeling whole again in the coming weeks.

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