Tuesday, September 7

Busy Bee

So some of my students officially started today, and it actually went well for a first day. Last week I went on home visits to meet the students and their parents. There are 20 students in my class, 1 is still in Guatemala and isn't coming back until the 20th, 1 had babysitter issues and we didn't even know if she would still be enrolled until Friday afternoon, and she missed the bus today, 1 has Deaf parents and is having a hard time following rules and directions (like 'sit down like everyone else'), 1 has spina bifida- he has braces on his legs and needs his catheter changed every 3 hrs, and 1 came today but is being transferred to another school. This year should be interesting.

Needles to say I have been busy these past 2 weeks. Which is why I haven't gone to the gym and have gained back 1 lb... sad...

But to make my busy schedule even busier- I have signed up to help in the children's ministry every other week, starting on Sunday, and my grad classes have started back up this week. BTW I have the same professor as last class and she used their instead of there today... should I send her a message or would that be wrong?

Any way, just a little update on my busy life. Oh how I miss Summer Vacation!

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