Saturday, August 28


Spent this Saturday morning with a little DIY... Network that is. I enjoy watching the renovation shows and getting big plans for what to do to my house in the distant future. So I was watching a new (to me?) show called Run My Renovation. I only saw the end of it but it seemed pretty interesting. Then I saw it- a female 'contractor'? Or was she just a host/ side kick? She looked familiar. I thought I heard the name Joanie earlier in the show but couldn't find her name on the credits.
Who is this Joanie I am talking about?

Joanie Dodds apparently. As in Joanie from America's Next Top Model.
See, that's her Cover Girl shot from her season (cycle 6?) I tried to google her, but she didn't have an official website- she only has fan pages and a MySpace (really? People stil have those?) then I found her on Facebook.

And she was even sharing that she is on a new show! So I was right when I yelled at the TV this morning "You aren't a contractor! You are a model!" But, hey, she is working and making a name for herself. Go Joanie!

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