Saturday, September 18

Here we go again..

To take a break from writing my paper today, I decided to finally put up the IKEA shelf Liz gave me a while ago. One of these:
That was going to go above the mesh cube organizer in my office (on the right):

Instead of having a nice new shelf, this is what I'm doing now:

I'm patching holes in the wall, and will need to repaint. I had 4 anchors, which I got into the nicely drilled holes without a problem. The problem came when I went to screw/ nail the metal backing piece to the wall. The screw wouldn't go in and I didn't want to strip Adam's screwdriver drill bit. So I decided to nail it in. The first nail went in and then pulled the anchor back into the wall. The second only went in half way. So I decided to cut my loss and just take it down.
So I now have 6 holes to patch (2 still have the anchor in them).
This is the second time a floating shelf didn't work. We got some for our wedding and after hanging them, they wobbled and were not secure at all.

I am officially giving up on floating shelves now.

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