Sunday, September 19

Sunday reflections

Just some things I have been thinking about while sitting at my desk (waiting for my lunch to be ready:
  1. I love the color of my office, the blue and white combo is really crisp and soft
  2. cooler mornings mean fall is just around the corner
  3. I'm really in the mood for sushi
  4. Adam and I need to sign up for a cooking class and use that wedding gift certificate
  5. maybe I should cancel the credit card that now had an annual fee; how many cards do I need anyway?
  6. Would it be better to switch to cash only and not even use a credit/debit card?
  7. We need to get the upstairs shower looked at, so we can use it again
  8. if I make effort to clean a little bit of the house a few times a week, it won't get too messy
  9. how can I get Grover to stop trying to bite the Furminator and let me brush him?
  10. I'm pretty sure the squirrels are teasing Grover, and that is why he chirps out my window.

Adam laughs a my train-of-thought e-mails and ramblings. I guess this is just another one.

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