Tuesday, October 19

Paint the town red.. er.. yellow

We had a busy weekend. My parents left for a cruise Saturday morning and I thought that we could tackle some projects in their house as an early birthday present/ surprise. My sister and brother in law met up with me and Adam to start working. We painted my old bedrooms (one I shared with my sister, then got my own room, then moved back into the room when my sister moved out) and took off the wallpaper in the upstairs bathroom.

My mom had picked out the color for the bedroom since I moved out- 2 years ago- but never got around to painting. This wouldn't be such a big deal if the room wasn't teal green... I mean a nasty teal from the 90's. I forgot to take before pictures, but trust me, it wasn't nice. I am sparing your eyes by not having pictures.
The bathroom wallpaper wasn't much better. It had a pretty strong pattern in blue, burgundy, green, and gold. It was peeling.
My other old bedroom, the smaller one, is now a nursery for the grand kids/ my mom's sewing room. It was a pale lilac, not too bad, it just needed to be freshened up.

I got Behr premium plus ultra (paint and primer in one) for the rooms: 2 gallons of Tea Cookie for the bedrooms, 1 of Utah Sky for the bathroom.

The Guestroom was finished on Saturday:

The nursery/ sewing room was finished on Sunday:

The Bathroom... well it's not finished. we got all the wallpaper down on Saturday, but the walls are so bad that we decided not to paint.
There's mold to take care of and some spots need to be patched and sanded.
But I left the paint as a peace offering.

We did the tough work, getting all the paper off and painting the other rooms, so maybe mom will feel less daunted to work on the bathroom.
I hope mom likes her (early) birthday surprise. I know dad will like it, we were plotting with him for about 2 weeks.

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