Monday, October 4

So I have been eating horribly this past week/weekend and ended up gaining back a pound.

Not a good way to start the week.

But it gives me motivation to get back at it. Also today is the first day of our "On the Move" competition. It is through the school system, for all elementary schools, with prizes for the top performing team. So our team is getting into it. We are the "Curvaceous Crew". We are getting t-shirts and our 'coach' is on top of our performance. We will be getting a trainer to come to school once a week, and might be having yoga or dance work out days after school too.
What I don't like is the website. This is the first time I logged into the food journal, and it is a little different than MFP. I'll just have toget used to it.

Ok, gotta find my pedometer and get moving.

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