Monday, November 29

Oh the possibilities

I will be so happy when I am finished with grad school in March. 1- because I won't have to write anymore weekly papers and have 'discussions' with random people; 2- the pay raise; and 3- I will finally have a life again.

With this freedom comes options.

Adam and I will have the washer/ dryer/ TV (bought from Best Buy with 3 yrs 0% financing) paid off, and hope to buy some new kitchen appliances. They always run the 3yr no interest deal on a Fridgidare or Whirlpool set like this:

If we are going to the trouble to get new appliances we might as well replace the old cabinets and counters... We also want to put up a fence in the backyard and expand the deck. I would love to update the faucets and lights in both bathrooms and paint the guestroom and living room.

We have also been talking about getting another cat, to 'put Grover in his place' as Adam says. My coworker introduced me to the Washington Area Rescue League and I fell in love.

Her name is Zeida and she is a 1 year old tabby. Her adoption would be free if we decide to bring her home.

I guess I'll have to do some serious thinking. Choosing to take on some of these means holding off on other things. I guess we have to weigh our options and see what will work best for us.

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