Monday, November 22

The week ahead

Thankfully there are only 2 1/2 days of school this week but they are going to be jam packed!
Today we have FunFit coming during the students' breakfast. It is a great program that gets the kids active with obstacle courses, balls, and other equipment. They love it, but it is first thing in the morning. Then right before lunch we have Mr. Slim from Wolf Trap coming in for another musical lesson. Yet again another program the kids love, but it takes up so much time.
In the afternoon we will be making cornbread pudding for our Thanksgiving feast tasting on Tuesday morning (which my class will be running late to because of another Wolf Trap lesson by Mr. Slim).
Tuesday is also the day my Student teacher is in for the week (I don't know why they are only in the schools 2 days a week) so I will be observing and coaching and giving feedback and praying her math centers go better than Thursday's.

(My student teacher giving a read-aloud to our surprisingly attentive group of 4 year olds)

Then comes Wednesday... Half days are so insane, our schedule gets completely thrown off because we have to eat lunch in our classroom and do not get recess or rest time. We also have- wait for it- yet another lesson with Mr. Slim!

I can't wait for Thursday!

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