Monday, December 27

Post-Christmas Weigh in

Well, it has been a while since stepping on the scale. I mean I had to be weighed at the Doctor's office, but I don't trust their scale. I just want to be consistent with the scale I use and where I put it and time of day etc...
So anyway, after Thanksgiving I gained about 2lbs, too much good food I tell ya, and since then I hadn't been working out- Our trainer canceled a couple times, then I was sick and couldn't make it. So I had no idea where I was weight-wise. I decided I would do my Monday morning weigh in again today.

And to my surprise I was down 3 lbs!  I am down 10 lbs overall!

Well I slept almost all day yesterday, I guess I was sick or something, so I didn't eat too much which might have helped. But I really have been trying to eat smaller portions and stay active.
I haven't made any plans for what I will do when I lose 10 lbs but I feel like I should buy some new jeans or something. Well 10 down, about 13 more to go. Here's hoping I can keep it up!

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