Thursday, December 23

Presents Part 2

The Kindle cover came yesterday and Adam wrapped it up for me. I'm usually the one to wrap the presents because 'I know what I'm doing'. But I think he did a really cute job, with a bow and everything.

 He didn't want me to wait until Christmas to have it so I opened it right then. Guess the color: Blue, Pink, or Green? Remember I said NO brown, orange or red...

And the answer is...

BLUE! Adam said this way if he was caught with it at anytime it was Masculine enough for him.

My Kindle looks perfect in its new home :)

And speaking of early presents, Laura, Jamie, Adam, And I went in to get my parents (really my dad) a new TV. I wonder how he knew what it was before he unwrapped it?

We took it over last night she he wouldn't be opening it in front of everyone and having that over shine the other gifts on Christmas Eve. He love it by the way (and mom FINALLY admitted that the old TV was crap)

Happy Holidays!

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