Wednesday, December 22

Christmas presents

I am lucky enough to be able to go to the NHL Winter Classic on New Year's Day up in Pittsburgh.

Because of the cost of the ticket, hotel, food, and other warming accessories (like my "F-Uggs" aka fugly fake uggs) that will be necessary, we decided that this will be my Christmas present. I was fine with that, it will be pretty expensive.

Adam got a netbook to help him with his writing as he runs around from event to event and travels out of town for something or other (did I mention he is now writing for 3 sites, and is an editor for one of them?). Plus, on black Friday he ordered a lot of new clothes to replace his old ones that are wearing out.

Well, I don't know what happened or if someone said something to him, but Adam decided that he spent way more on himself than we would be spending for me to go to the game. He decided I needed another Christmas present. After trying to surprise me and then worrying that I wouldn't like what he chose, he told me he ordered a Kindle for me! And the best part is it arrived Tuesday, just 2 days after talking about it!

I couldn't believe how small it was, and how clear the text was as well. That's the actual screen, not a filmy clingy sheet as I thought it was.

It is so much different than a standard book, but I think I will like it. So far the books I have looked up were $12.99, which is much cheaper than a new release at $24.99.

I'm so excited Christmas came early for me this year, but the real surprise is the case Adam ordered. I told him to surprise me with the color he chose (but told him not to get orange, brown, or red). Maybe I will save that surprise for Christmas morning.

Anyway- do you have a Kindle? What are your thoughts about e-readers?


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  2. George loves his kindle. He even uses it for a bible at church. Have fun at the winter classic!


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