Tuesday, December 21

Christmas Cookies Take 2

So after the first attempt to make Christmas cookies (which ended up turning hard and not staying soft like usual) I finally had the ingredients to make the Holiday Cookies recipe from my cookbook. It was pretty simple to make, took some time chilling the dough, but it rolled out nicely (once I discovered that saran wrap will substitute for parchment paper just fine... in this situation...). They looked good on the cookie sheet, but got very brown in the oven. But no worries, I just covered it up with icing.
However, when I tasted one of the cookies I was very disappointed. It was an egg-less dough and they taste like pie crust. I guess this isn't an issue if you like pie crust, but I do not- it is the one thing left on my plate after eating pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. So I guess I will be giving these away to family/ friends and will continue the hunt for a tasty and easy holiday cookie recipe.

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