Monday, January 31


I realized it has been one week since posting. I've been trying really hard to update this thing daily, but I guess life happens.
  • Monday was a professional/ work-from-home day. It should be used for grading and report cards, but my students are still in the middle of assessments and their progress reports aren't prepared until the end of February.  I used the day to visit Laura and baby JJ.
1 week old

  • Tuesday I had a federal reviewer come to my classroom to observe. It was also the first day back for my student teacher. And I had a 3hr meeting for the student teacher that night. Well I don't know if it was the Domino's pizza they provided at the meeting, or the stress of the day, but I woke up at 3am very sick...
  • Wednesday was luckily a snow day so I didn't have to use a sub or worry about the new student who was starting in my class. I slept alllll day. Unfortunately with all the snow we lost power and ended up staying at my parents' house- who then lost power too.
  • Thursday was another (!) snow day and I was starting to feel better. After sitting under a down comforter and going back and forth between reading on the kindle (finishing one book and sampling many others) and napping I got the news that we had power again.
  • Friday was yet another snow day (hello 1 day work week and 5 day weekend!). I was feeling so much better and went to lunch with Liz and some of her coworkers. Then went to dinner with Liz and her boyfriend. We were going to go to Target to get a new ice scraper, but they still had no power. It was a sad day my friends, very sad...
  • Saturday Laura was stopping by my parents house so I went over to hang out with Kaelyn and JJ some more. We watched Aladdin on VHS, don't be jealous. Then Bobby came over for dinner with Maddy who was hysterically and trying to crawl around. Adam had taken my camera so I unfortunately do not have any pictures... sad...
So that may be the most boring post ever, sorry, but I guess this is what happens when I forget to post then don't have my camera with me... I'll try not to do that again.

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