Tuesday, February 1


You may remember that I have been trying to think of some ways to make the living room look a little nicer.

Not that it looks bad or anything, It's just... not there yet. Since we don't have the money to buy new couches and we have things on the list  that are more needs than wants I've been trying to focus my attention away from decorating. But then I got a card from my beloved Overstock.com giving me 7% off my order. so that, along with trading up my cash back from Discover for extra money at the O, I got a set of bamboo blinds for the living and dining room. 3 blinds for a total of $20. It was an awesome deal.
I'm hoping the dark color goes well with the furniture and accessories we already have. I also hope putting two large blinds together on the front window will look something like this and give a nice balance to the window.

Hopefully they arrive soon and I can get them hung this week!

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