Saturday, January 15

The List, Pared Down

Have you ever felt so busy that you don't get anything done? Yeah, that's me this week. That's also why it has taken me a week to repost.

Adam and I sat down and talked about the list. We prioritized everything on the list into wants and needs. Unfortunately painting the guestroom upstairs fell into the want category, so I will have to wait to do that project...
After that initial sorting, we divided the house projects into price categories: free, inexpensive, moderate, and expensive.

Here's the updated list of things we want need to do to the house.

  • declutter my office and the basement. We seriously have a lot of stuff we don't use, well that's how my office is right now anyway. Is anyone in the need of some scrapbooking supplies? Our basement just needs to be reorganized... I think...
  • weather strip the front and back doors.
  • replace the vent in the down stairs bathroom. There is already one there, but it doesn't work.
  • pick out new kitchen appliances. I know, those are expensive. But we are looking out for a deal with 2-3 years 0% interest financing through Best Buy or Sears. So the monthly payment will be small.
$$- Moderate
  • Buy a new twin bed frame. This could be considered a want, but the wheels on my old regular metal frame have broken so it's time to upgrade to a sturdy wood framed one.
  • buy and build a shed. Adam's parents are supposed to locate the parts and help us build it, but we are ultimately still paying for it.
$$$- Expensive
  • Build a backyard privacy fence. Adam spent last summer ripping out the old chain link fence, and now there is nothing but a little left to the side. We need something, like, as soon as possible. Our trash cans blow into the neighbor's yard every time we have a little wind.
  • remove a tree from the backyard and bushes on the front and side of the house. The tree may be encroaching on our plumbing in the basement, plus we would like to expand the deck at some point, which the  tree is preventing. 
  • Investigate and replace laundry and upstairs bathroom plumbing. The pipes are small in the basin for the laundry machine, so it doesn't drain fast enough for a large load. Plus the main line seems to be getting clogged every now and then, which could be from the roots of the tree. Upstairs we have a leak from the shower, but we cant find where the water is coming from. I even opened the access panel and ran hot water through the shower and still could not see any water dripping from the pipes... grr...
  • Replace gutters. When we bought the house they told us the roof had 10 more years, they didn't say anything about the gutters. Which we have found leak in some spots, causing water to sit at the foundation of our house.
So that's the list, pared down. As I start decluttering my office, and dreaming of kitchen appliances, and ignoring the expensive necessary things to do, send some positive vibes my way that we can get it all (or most of it) done this year!

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