Wednesday, January 5

The List

Well, we have been our house for over two years now. There are definitely things we love about this place, and there are definitely some things we want to change. I decided to make a list of all the things I want to do, and coincidentally Adam had the same idea. He told me about his idea after I had already written my list down. I really liked YHL's way of organizing their to do list, and I may organize it that way- finding the priorities and the outlining the big projects so we can save up for them. But for now I have it organized by room.

  • New mailbox & House numbers
  • new door or paint current door
  • paint shutters
  • dig out bushes in front and on side of house
  • remove tree in backyard
  • add a driveway
  • expand or replace deck
  • take down last piece of chainlink fence & Put up new privacy fence
  • replace roof & gutters
  • repaint front steps
  • add front porch? 
  • replace door knobs upstairs
  • paint trim, baseboards, doors white
  • add bamboo or wooden blinds upstairs
  • weather strip doors
  • Open doorway
  • gut
  • new cabinets, counters, floors, appliances
  • replace faucets
  • update lighting
  • check on plumbing upstairs
  • add fan/vent downstairs
  • update (or redirect?) plumbing
  • new utility sink
My Office:
  • declutter- get rid of scrapbooking supplies and old books
  • get baskets for tv stand in Master
  • paint guest room
  • get new bedframe for guest room
Living/Dining Rooms:
  • remove 1/2 wall at entry (and closet too?)
  • get new couches/ chairs (or at least get rid of sofa-chair)
  • plan new layout
  • inherit parents' piano
  • replace or remove ceiling fan

It seems like there is a lot to do on this list. But many things are simple (like painting and decluttering) and some things won't happen for a long time (like adding a driveway) and others are simple dreams (like adding that front porch).

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