Tuesday, January 4

Quick Fix

So I'm home sick today. I woke up at 10:30 (despite going to bed at 10 something last night) and only got out of bed to shower and make coffee. I finally decided I needed to get a Neti Pot to help out these sinuses that seem to get congested pretty frequently lately. A trip to Target then to 2 CVS's later and I now have one.

While I was at CVS I picked up some command hooks that are conveniently located right next to the Neti Pots and other sinus medicine. It reminded me of a project I wanted to do in the bathroom. We have two hanging Command bathroom/ shower baskets that are made for wet environments. Well one of the plastic holders broke a while ago and was hanging crooked in the shower. I finally removed it this weekend and put an over the shower head caddy up.

I moved the basket under the sink onto the vanity door. I hung it by the two Command hooks I picked up this afternoon.
It now holds Adam's shaving products and keeps them away from the cleaning supplies and other stuff under the sink.

A quick fix for a broken hook on a basket that hasn't been used in about a year.

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