Sunday, January 9

Oh Kindle Woes...

I love my Kindle! I have already gone through 1 short story, 1 book, and ordered another last night. Adam tells me each time "I see you ordered another book." Even thought we have it linked to my credit card, it is still Adam's Amazon account. Well I love reading it and haven't had any issues.. until last night, that is. At the last minute I was invited to the Capitals' game (YAY!) and decided to take my Kindle for the metro ride down.

Well as I sat down to read a bit before my dad came to pick me up, I noticed the screen saver was different than it was the night before. Then I couldn't turn it on. I plugged it in (though I had already charged it earlier this week, and it should have lasted much longer than a couple days) and nothing happened. It wasn't charging, and I still couldn't turn it on. So I had to leave for the game and left Adam to figure out what was going on. I feared I had a defective Kindle and would have to send it away or something.

So as I was enjoying myself at the game (CAPS won! And Ovie scored!) Adam went to work figuring out what was going on with my Kindle. He found a blog post that helped him solve the problem. My Kindle needed a hard reset.

For a Hard Reset:
  1. Slide and hold the power switch for 30 seconds
  2. wait for the light to switch on/ Kindle to power on
  3. Problem solved
Thanks to Adam I was able to read my new book before falling asleep last night. The only issue I had with the hard reset is I lost my place in the book I was reading before the reset. Not so much of an issue as it was an inconvenience. But I'll take that over a non working Kindle anytime.

Have you had to make a hard reset on your e-reader?

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