Friday, March 25

Birthday Round-Up Part 1

My birthday was a good one. The one girl in my class shares the same birthday, so when her mom brought cupcakes for her party, she also brought me a small little cake of my own.
Then when I got home, Adam surprised me with some very pretty flowers.
There's something about getting flowers that makes me smile. I know they will just die in a few weeks, but they are so pretty and smell lovely.

Adam and I met my parents and went for my annual birthday dinner at Benihana. If you sign up for the Chef's Table you get a $30 gift certificate for your birthday month. It is the only thing I really ask for for my birthday each year so it helps that my meal is free. Usually it is just me and Adam, but this year we asked my parents to come along.
Last year the chef we had was actually Hispanic. It was strange, I mean it is a Japanese steak house after all. But this year we had a funny guy who kept cracking jokes about the 'low fat garlic butter' and the 'Japanese marshmallows' (scallops). His knife skills were pretty good too. Of course he made the onion volcano, but he was quite talented in all areas from egg spinning to bowl flipping.
When dinner was over, I got the special Benihana Japanese birthday song- where I had to stand up in front of everyone. And they brought out a pretty bowl of ice cream.
Which I didn't eat because I knew what was waiting for me at my mom's house
Home made cheesecake. Delicious. It was actually a recipe from a magazine, from a Philadelphia cream cheese ad. Again, it was Delicious, I could eat the whole cake- and then feel absolutely sick to my stomach for hours after, but I wouldn't care. It was that good.

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