Tuesday, March 15

Buh Bye Pre-K

I had started a rambling post (written on 4 different days) about the confusions regarding my job, but I decided that no one wanted to read that mess. So here it is short and sweet: next year I will not be teaching pre-k. The full day head start program was cut to part time, and since I can't afford to lose that much money I chose to go to a different grade level.

This means I may be 'bumping' someone out of a job, but fortunately there is a long term sub in one grade, others may choose to go to a new school, and more are considering going part time. So while I don't know what I'll be teaching next year (Kindergarten, first, or second) I am mentally preparing myself for the switch. It's funny how with 3 months left of school I'm already thinking about next year. It will be like my first year all over again.. just without the stress and nerves.. I hope.

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