Friday, May 27

Friday Night

Look how much fun teachers have on any given Friday night:
Last Friday I spent a few hours importing CD's into itunes. I have stuck with just playing CD's in class over the past four years because I know where things are, which CD has the song I need, and I didn't have an ipod to bring in. Well I have Adam's old ipod now, but that wasn't the tipping point. I won't be teaching Head Start next year. A lot of the CD's I have are technically property of MCPS Head Start/ Pre-K. I can't take them with me when I switch grades. I may not use the finger plays and Alpha-tales in a first grade class, but you never know!
So I brought them all home with me and fiddled around with itunes (which I have never really used before) to get all the music uploaded. My plan is to now convert myself from CD's to ipod in the classroom. When I observed one of the first grade classrooms, the teacher showed me their song and poem book the team had created. They sing songs from the book, and some are on CD- guess what I'll be doing when I get that CD!

I'm excited to go from this:
To this:

Thankfully this weekend is Memorial Day and I won't be doing school work on a Friday night!

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