Tuesday, May 24

Our Rapture Bunker

(Guess we won't be needing it for that use anymore, it'll just have to serve as an ordinary shed.. haha..)

Adam's parents came down this weekend to help put up a new shed. It's not just any old shed, it was custom designed and build by Adam's stepdad, Donald, to fit on the old concrete slab that was in the back of our property.
When we bought the house we didn't even know there was a slab back there. The yard was piled high with sticks (probably from a lot of pruning that happened from all the crazy vines that were growing on the fence). When we went to closing, we saw the property survey and saw the concrete slab on the form. huh. We knew we could probably use it for a shed or something, but never got around to it until now, almost 2 1/2 years later.
Anyway, Adam's parents came down bright and early Sunday morning and worked for almost 7 hours straight. I made sure I had coffee and breakfast for them when they arrived.
apple cinnamon muffins
While Adam and his parents were busy assembling the shed and doing all the hard manual labor, I spent a few hours (or at least it felt like a few hours) power washing the deck and the back of the house.
so fresh and so clean clean :)

I'm kicking myself now for not getting some in-progress pics, I even thought about it while they were putting it up.
Oh well, here is the before:
 And the new shed!
White steel sheeting for the sides and roof, the frame bolted into the concrete, this thing isn't going anywhere!
(It really could serve as a bunker for the supposed rapture, or Y2K, or a zombie attack... Don't you think?)

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